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Authenticity. Integrity. Community. Design. 


We strive to create premium products that serve as a uniform for our community on our greatest adventures. 

To challenge just being a clothing brand by building genuine a community. To be outspoken by offering a platform to join conversations, challenge the conventional and stand for something. To push the boundaries of design through our obsession with materials, fabrics and manufacturing practices. 


To do all of this without compromising.

What Sets Us Apart: 

Early in the journey of creating SUPER NICE, we decided that we not only wanted to design and manufacture in Australia but also to create our garments using the best quality materials we could find. That's exactly what we did, by first sourcing some of the most beautiful, premium and organic Japanese fabrics. Not only making them in Melbourne, Australia but doing so with the best manufacturers in the city.


Made to be of the highest quality. Made to last. Made with love.


Our Promise: 

We are deeply committed to delivering the highest quality garments, ensuring they are ethically and sustainably produced without compromising on style or design. We promise to offer our community style, comfort, and quality while providing peace of mind through ethical practices.


Connect With Us:

We value our community deeply and would love to connect with you. Whether you have queries about our garments or wish to explore collaborations, feel free to reach out to us at or at supernice_clothing on Instagram. 


Thank you for choosing Super Nice. Join our mailing list to stay updated on our latest releases, collaborations, and stories. We promise not to inundate you with irrelevant BS—just the good stuff.

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